From among the 400 hospitals active in the field of health tourism that expressed readiness to admit foreign tourists seeking advanced treatment, 170 have now been granted IPD (International Patients Department) permits. Other hospitals that have applied for a permit will be reviewed in the next few months.
The Health Tourism Council was formed in 2015 comprising representatives from foreign and health ministries, Iran Cultural Heritage Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) and the Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Council.
Milad Hospital in Tehran, Iran is one of the most reputed hospitals providing quality treatment to the patients worldwide along with encouraging innovative research works and imparting quality education in the medical field. Milad Hospital welcomes international travelers, business guests and delegates by organizing various research based seminars, medical conferences and cultural programs. it has 1000 licensed beds, 24 surgery rooms, 20 pre-surgery and 20 post-surgery care beds. The hospital also includes general service sections for patients and visitors, including 430 seat and 190 seat conference centers, two 120 seat classrooms, pharmacy, child day care and restaurant.