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Visa for Iran



About the entry visa to Iran

From January 2016, for the people who intends to visit Iran for tourism reasons such as visit Iran’s touristic sites & attractions or meeting friends or relatives, these are the best ways to obtain a tourist entry visa to Iran:

1) – Normal Tourist visa:

This visa is safest way to avoid any kind of inconveniences; it is valid for 30 days and should be applied at least one month before your arrival to Iran. This type of visa cannot be used for long-term stays or residence in Iran; it will be applied for, through the consulates or consular sections of the embassies of I.R.I. outside of Iran.

*Obtaining an invitation letter issued by an Iranian Travel or Tour Agency is necessary*

Visa’s Fee: 
For receiving your Iran tourist visa you will have to pay the embassy fee and Rosha Gasht service fee, separately. The embassy’s fee depends on your nationality also on the embassy you will receive your visa from. Some embassies may charge for their services which is also due to change at any time. So, the best way of being informed of the exact embassy visa fee please contact the embassy close to when you need it.
Note: our service fees per passport is 50 US Dollars, this is apart from the visa fee which will be collected when your visa is stamped on your passport. This fee could be subject to discount if you apply for further travel services. If you choose one of our tour packages, your visa fee will be processed free of our service charge. Our tour packages are either tailor-made to your choices or popular predetermined packages, you can visit our website the page of  Iran Tours for more information!
 For obtaining this visa, every traveler should take note of below steps:
1-Fill out the application form below.
2-Wait for the application receipt confirmation and application fee payment instructions.
3- Pay the service fee.
4-You will receive the visa authorization code after 7-10 working days.
5-Refer to the Iranian consulate you have selected and collect your visa.
6-Inform us about the receipt of the visa.

2)- Visa On Arrival (VOA) or Iran’s airport Visa:

The Nationals of all countries except people of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Jordan, Columbia, Somalia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Canada, United Kingdom and United States, can obtain a 30 days Tourist Visa upon Arrival at the airports of :
THR : Tehran Mehrabad Airport
MHD : Mashad Airport
SYZ : Shiraz Airport
TBZ : Tabriz Airport
ISF : Isfahan Airport.
For obtaining this visa, every traveler should take note of below points:
1-Each applicant should have a confirmed return ticket and a passport with at least 6 months validity and a 3×4 photo to be attached to the application form.
2- This type of visa is only for tourist purposes and will be issued for individual traveler, so the  group  travelers should apply for Normal Tourist Visa as per above mentioned.
3- The visa stamp fee (depending on the applicant’s nationality) is payable to the visa office located at Iran’s airport. Our fee for the visa is 50 USD each person which should be separately paid upon you send the inquiry for the visa.
4-The people from above mentioned countries are not entitled to use this type of visa; they should to apply for a normal tourist visa at an consulate or Iranian embassy located at the traveler country.
Note: the nationals of United states, United Kingdom and Canada are obliged to take an escorted tour package while asking for a visa.   

Visa Application form

***This form should be completed for each passenger separately!

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