Do you know Matin Abad Eco-Resort?

Matin Abad Eco- Resort & Organic Farm was established in 2008, in Iran. The group of experts in tourism and naturalists want to provide the tourists with an opportunity for an experience and adventures close to the nature.  In the company of seasoned naturalists, tourists will experience treks with camel ride or walk; they can ride bikes through waves of sand and mountain valleys, and can even enjoy desert walks in the beautiful star-lit nights.
Matin Abad located between the sand dunes and vast semiarid grass-covered plain is the camp with modern facilities. It is about 45 Km away from Kashan, one of the popular tourist places in central Iran.
Accommodations in this unique eco-resort in the heart of the desert, built with local materials, have been designed in three different styles to satisfy different tastes; Safavid caravansary style rooms, traditional village style rooms named Koomeh and tents, all equipped with modern eco-friendly facilities.
Koomeh is a mud and brick single room with a dome shaped roof as the best natural way of air circulation. Wi-Fi is available in its traditional cafe.