This Bazaar is one of the oldest traditional bazaars in Iran and in the world; It is divided into three main parts devoted to Gold & Jewelry, Copper Products and Texture. The alleyways of this covered bazaar extend back to the 9th century and make for a diverting hour. Many stores sell various grades of cloth that have been hand-woven in yazd for centuries.
Various parts of this bazaar are as follows: Khan, Zargari (Goldsmith), Panjeh Ali, Qeisariyeh, Alaqebandi, Kashigari (tile working), Chit Sazi (chintz making), Mullah Isma’eel, Afshar, Hadji Qanbar, Mohammad Ali Khan, Jafar Khan, Sadri, Darvazeh Mehreez , Mesgari (copper smith ), and nokhod Berizi bazaar.